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Did you spend the semester stuck in front of a screen wishing you could see beyond it? Did you crave the opportunity to explore other real and imagined worlds, and experience a new dimension of digital learning?​

We believe that Xtreme Reality (XR) is the future of education and that the Extended Reality (XR) family of technologies has the potential for cultivating engaging learning environments. The ILC is thus committed to developing human-centered, design-based simple methods and straight-forward procedures -the ILC ToolKit- that enable diverse Campus communities to embed Xtreme Reality (XR) into their learning curricula. The opportunities are endless: VR study abroad programs, virtual science experiments, and immersive language learning are just a few.

Our Steps

Make immersive creation accessible to UNC students and faculty

Our first phase will produce an interactive toolkit (itself a VR/AR experience) that will teach basic literacy in immersive learning methodologies and their application in order to build with the VR/AR platforms WondaVR and MozillaHubs. The toolkit will contain five lessons: immersive learning theory, immersive learning goals, asset collection and use, design thinking, and project creation.

Connect and inspire immersive learning​

In the second phase, the team will organize a competition akin to a hackathon, inviting UNC-CH students and teachers to submit their own demo immersive experiences. The winner of the contest will receive funding to pay for the further curation of their own project into a full-fledged course. All demo experiences and assets will be added to the ILC workspace, kickstarting it as a campus community for aspiring immersive learning creators.

Create and disseminate resources for immersive learning

In the third phase, we will create an Immersive Learning Cooperative Slack community. This Slack workspace will serve as the hub for students, teachers, and creators who have taken the Immersive Learning course, allowing them to share their work, assets, and ideas with each other. This will hopefully scale to create thriving and long-lasting communities of Immersive Learning creators.

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